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Wheel Alignment


What Is a Wheel Alignment?

When your tire alignment is off, it can cause a roadblock in terms of safe driving. Tire alignment, also known as wheel alignment, is an important aspect of keeping your car in top condition. Misalignment can damage your tires, causing them to wear out before they’re supposed to. It can also cause the steering wheel to be off center or cause the vehicle to pull.

Tire alignment involves adjusting your car’s steering and suspension system, which connects the car to the wheels. It does not refer to adjusting the tires or wheels. Alignment helps keep your vehicle driving straight down the road and prevents your car from veering from one side to the other.

During your alignment service, a Firestone Complete Auto Care technician will check the camber, caster and toe angles. Camber refers to the inward and outward tilt of each wheel, caster is the angle produced by the steering system’s pivot point from the front to the back of your car, and toe is the inward or outward angle of the wheels. Aside from inspecting the camber, caster and toe angles, an alignment technician will check the front and rear steering, suspension system, and tire condition and air pressure. A professional alignment service can help ensure all four wheels of your car are heading the same direction.

Car Alignment Services

wheel alignment components suspension system

Firestone Complete Auto Care offers different limited warranties on our wheel alignments to match our customer's unique needs. From a 12-month limited warranty to a lifetime limited warranty, Firestone Complete Auto Care has options to suit you. Just want to check in and make sure your car alignment is balanced? Get peace of mind with our alignment check.

Wheel Alignment Check

Wheel Alignment Check

  • Inspect vehicle suspension and steering systems, including tire air pressure and tire condition
  • Vehicle placed on an alignment rack, where laser sensors are mounted and measure the current alignment settings
  • Print initial tire alignment readings
Wheel Alignment: Standard

Wheel Alignment: Standard

  • Inspect suspension and steering systems, including air pressure and tire condition
  • Vehicle placed on alignment rack, where sensors are mounted and compensated
  • Print initial tire alignment readings.
  • Camber, caster and toe angles are adjusted according to manufacturer specifications
  • Print final tire alignment readings.
  • Test drive the vehicle
Wheel Alignment: Lifetime

Wheel Alignment: Lifetime

The lifetime wheel alignment comes complete with everything included in the standard alignment, plus:

  • A lifetime limited warranty*, meaning Firestone will realign your car whenever you need it, for free, for as long as you own the car.
Safety Systems Alignment

Safety Systems Alignment

Many modern vehicles are equipped with Safety Systems such as Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) and/or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Sensors, cameras, lasers and radars that help your vehicle detect other vehicles, pedestrians and markings on the road all rely on proper alignment to function accurately. The make, model, and year of your vehicle will determine whether you need a Safety System Alignment. 

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*Most of our locations are equipped with the latest technology to perform Safety System Alignments but capability varies per location.

*Consult with a Firestone Complete Auto Care manager for complete conditions and terms of the lifetime limited warranty

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How do you know when you need a wheel alignment?

Signs that your car may need a wheel alignment can include:

  • Your car is pulling to the left or right
  • Your tires are wearing unevenly or quickly
  • Your steering wheel is crooked even when you’re driving straight ahead
  • Your tires are making squealing sounds

Alignment problems can come from hitting a curb or pothole, driving with damaged or worn suspension parts, or being involved in a car crash. When you notice alignment problems like these, schedule an appointment at your neighborhood Firestone Complete Auto Care. Keep in mind that you don’t need a wheel alignment when you buy new car tires, but it is highly recommended. We also offer a free alignment check with the purchase of tires.

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What is an ADAS Alignment?

If you drive a newer vehicle, it may come with an Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS). ADAS enables features like self-driving, self-parking, lane departure warning, and other innovative features. Cars equipped with ADAS typically require a special alignment known as a Safety Systems Alignment, which can include adjustment of ADAS cameras and sensors.


What’s the difference between wheel alignment and balancing?

Although wheel alignment and balancing are frequently done at the same time, they’re not the same thing. A wheel alignment adjusts the steering and suspension, while wheel balancing fixes uneven distribution of weight in the tires and wheels.

What Are the Benefits of a Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment can do a lot for your car. Potential benefits include:

  • Smoother driving
  • Increased driving safety
  • Longer tire life
  • Lower auto repair costs
  • Helps preserve fuel efficiency


How often should you get a wheel alignment?

Firestone Complete Auto Care suggests getting your car’s wheel alignment checked every 6,000 miles or six months. A lifetime wheel alignment service at Firestone Complete Auto Care comes with a lifetime labor warranty.

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