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What Is Synthetic Motor Oil?

Learn more about the benefits of synthetic motor oil and schedule a synthetic oil change at your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care today!

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The Best Way to Fight Engine Oil Sludge

Synthetic motor oil, also commonly referred to as full synthetic motor oil, is designed for vehicles that demand peak level performance and high levels of lubrication. It provides higher viscosity levels and resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown than synthetic blend or conventional oil. Though synthetic oil is often considered "the best of the best" when it comes to motor oils, synthetics aren't right for every driver or car. For instance, if you drive an older model car (manufactured before 1990) with high mileage, your engine could react poorly to a full synthetic switch. Your car may benefit more from a high mileage oil.


Common Questions About Synthetic Motor Oil

"Is synthetic oil bad for my engine's seals?"

Some drivers believe that synthetic oils cause seal failure. While this was certainly a possibility when synthetic oils were first being formulated, today's synthetic oils have come a long way and no longer cause harm to any component within your engine. Engine seals don't last forever (they're made out of rubber, after all), so keep in mind that seals naturally age with time. If you're worried about the condition of your seals or suspect that may be cracking or shrinking, talk to your technician about going with a high mileage oil instead.

"Does synthetic oil causes leaks?"

No. Synthetic oils do not cause or create leaks. Due to their viscosity (or thickness) a synthetic oil may highlight an existing leak before a conventional oil does, but it is not the culprit of the leak. Synthetic oils have smaller molecules than conventional oils so they're more likely to sneak through tiny crevices that may have gone otherwise undetected.

Where Can I Get A Full Synthetic Motor Oil Change?

Visit Firestone Complete Auto Care to get a synthetic oil change near you. Conveniently schedule your appointment online at a time that's best for you. Our oil change locations are open late and on the weekends!

Synthetic Motor Oils At Firestone Complete Auto Care

Our technicians proudly use the following full synthetic motor oils at Firestone Complete Auto Care:

  • Pennzoil PlatinumⓇ Full Synthetic Motor Oil with PurePlus™ Technology
  • Pennzoil PlatinumⓇ Euro Full Synthetic Motor Oil with PurePlus™ Technology
  • Shell RotellaⓇ T6 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Motor Oil

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