Summer Research Opportunities

Every summer, Washington University in St. Louis students learn and contribute to research by working closely with faculty or participating in other research projects at the university.

Washington University fosters a mentoring environment in which students work alongside their professors on research projects.

Advanced Summer Program for Investigation and Research Education (ASPIRE)

ASPIRE is an intensive summer research opportunity for undergraduates from any institution who are interested in clinical research. Coursework, mentored research and professional development programming all take place on the Medical Campus.

Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences Summer Research Programs

DBBS offers opportunities for undergraduates to experience the outstanding cutting edge research at Washington University and the City of St. Louis and its surrounding areas.

Institute for Informatics Summer Research Program Internships

The Institute for Informatics offers summer internships to undergraduate and graduate students from various backgrounds. Students will have the opportunity to work under the guidance of faculty mentors and research scientists in a program that focuses on the support and elevation of biomedical informatics through research translation and practice.

Institute for Public Health Summer Research Program

The Institute for Public Health offers a summer research program that exposes undergraduate, graduate and medical students to public or global health research in a lab or field-based setting.

Research Opportunities by School

The faculty of Washington University are distinguished for their research and creative activities. Each of Washington University’s seven schools offers research opportunities for students.

Summer research funding is available through the Office of Undergraduate Research, and the office also provides a list of additional summer research opportunities you can explore.